Roman mosaic interpretation, coming from Villa Daphne, Antioch (Turkey), II sec. A.D.

Now preserved at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY.


Madamigiana is a mosaic project born from the idea of ​​recycling old unused demijhon, enhancing them and transforming them into refined design lamps. Taking inspiration from the trencadis technique, developed by Antonì Gaudì in the Barcelona of the last century, it was decided to cover the surface of the demijohn, previously painted and covered in gold leaf, with glass tiles, which, placed one next to each other other in an irregular way, they create a delicate shimmer that illuminates and decorates the surrounding environment. When the sun goes down the carboy becomes a real lamp as, inside, many small points of light create a romantic and dreamy atmosphere.


Musivuva is a project born from the idea of ​​enhancing our territory through the creation of design objects that merge two great Friulian arts that are mosaic art and the art of wine.

All the bunches were made on a carved and hand-worked wood profile in which the mosaic was worked with different techniques and materials. Great attention has been paid to the care of the processing and the cutting of the tiles.

They are small design objects to hang or simply to put down, ideal for decorating a corner of your home, a cellar or the spaces of a winery.

Mosaic decorated bottle holder boxes

Collaboration with Brojli winery

The idea was born from the collaboration with the Brojli winery of Aquileia, which has always wanted to reconnect the traditional art of mosaic with the equally ancient one of wine. To make their products even more precious, they commissioned us some decorated bottle boxes with the mosaic tecnique, which can be purchased accompanied by fine wines as a gift for important events. A cadeau that comes in handy even after drinking the wine. They are all unique pieces, made with quality materials and with great passion, which could also be an interesting idea for other companies that wanted to characterize their product, through a customization of the logo. We therefore invite you to contact us freely and without obbligation for further information and for a possible new collaboration.