Christmas decorations

Advent calendar 2019

Taking inspiration from the traditional advent calendar, we offer you an original tiles calendar that alternates decorations for the Christmas tree with themed ornaments.

Each piece was entirely handmade in the laboratory, starting from the wooden support up to the mosaic execution.

Elastic Bookmarks

There is a thin thread that connects our daily work to fairy tales.

The fairy tale is the place of all hypotheses, the safe place, magical words that teach how to defeat our inner dragons.

At dawn we like to play with fairy tales. Imagine heroic princesses pampering wolves, sweet and juicy apples, enchanted castles, ladies and knights, frogs happy to be.

This is why we have created a line of handcrafted bookmarks inspired by the world of fairy tales: to keep you company in the nights of witches and fairies.

A memory of your past with a careful look at tomorrow.


In wood and mosaic

Is it the birthday of your best friend or your mom? Are you celebrating an anniversary? In short, are you looking for an original gift for someone special? You are in the right place!

We make wooden and mosaic keychains for you, all unique pieces! And it’s not over here … they are also CUSTOMIZABLE with a pyrography writing on the back which can be: an important date, the name of the person you want to give it to, the name of your puppy, your initials or any other wish.

Each wooden shape is designed and drawn in our laboratory, then it is excavated and shaped. Subsequently, the shape is smoothed, sanded by hand and decorated with mosaic tiles in precious materials (Venetian enamels, ceramic, natural materials and much more). Finally, on the mosaic surface of some types of key rings, a protective casting in transparent epoxy resin is carried out which to give the object an extra shiny and brilliant effect.

Some wooden silhouettes were created in collaboration with Remo del Bianco’s Delbi Idea.