Francesca Cafarelli


I was born in Latisana (UD), December 25th 1996. In 2015 I graduated with honors from the Art School G. Sello in Udine with the High School diploma of figuratives art. In 2018 I successfully completed the professional course at Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli in Spilimbergo, Italy. Fascinated by nature and stimulated by the desire of sharing its immensity and beauty, I express myself through a mosaic open to a dialogue with painting, which can create the perfect symbiosis between an artist and the materials used. In my works the preciousness and materiality of mosaic join the delicacy of painting in order to reveal, in a poetic way, those intimate nature shades which the human eye doesn’t often focus on. Details that might seem insignificant , in fact, fill the hearts with beauty of those who can “observe”.

Main activities and events

Galleria la Loggia (Udine, Italia)2019

Museo MarinMOCA, (Novato, California)2019

Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste (Ravenna, Italia)2019

Galleria Henry Bertoia, (Pordenone, Italia)2018

Palazzo Saluzzo (Genova, Italia)2018

Palazzo Zenobio (Venezia, Italia)2018

Michelangelo Foundation ( Venezia, Italia)2018

Spilimbergo (Udine, Italia)2018