Debora Franco


I was born on 22nd February, 1995. I started my artistic career attending and graduating from the Liceo Artistico G. Sello in Udine, Italy. Then I continued my artistic development in Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli (Spilimbergo) where, in 2018, I got the diploma of a professional mosaic artist. For me mosaic is like a clock: it has its own rhythm, its time. Like a stroke, the hammer cuts the material, as well as the minutes divide the hours. Mosaic time is long and patient, but mainly, it is the time to think and meditate. So, the process of making mosaic becomes a ritual. The beauty of mosaic lies in being able to use an infinite series of materials which, thanks to their peculiarities, makes a unique and exceptional work.

Main activities and events

Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste (Ravenna, Italia)2019

Museo MarinMOCA, (Novato, California)2019

Chiesa della Disciplina ( Verolanuova, Italia)2019

Galleria la Loggia (Udine, Italia)2019

Galleria Henry Bertoia, (Pordenone, Italia)2018

Spilimbergo (Udine, Italia)2018

Michelangelo Foundation ( Venezia, Italia)2018

San Daniele ( Udine, Italia )2018

Accademia di belle arti ( Ravenna, Italia)2017

Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli ( Spilimbergo, Italia)2016